Dancing in Japan!


Dancing in Japan!

Gobusata shite orimasu, sorry for the lack of updates recently m(_ _)m
It might be explained by the fact that three of Zyka’s members are currently in Japan, experiencing Yosakoi on location!!

Our leader Oushou is here on a three months visit, the main purpose being to dance with her old team Zaccu Baran from Sendai at a major Yosakoi festival in Hokkaido. Our newest member Amo-chan, who is here on a one year exchange at Tohoku University, has joined Zaccu Baran too, so expect yet another great teacher when she comes back in March next year 😉 And finally, I (Peanuts), during my time as an intern in Tokyo this spring, has been dancing with the newly formed group Hyakumonogatari.

The photo above is from my last practice with Hyakumonogatari this Sunday. It was only 2-3 months, but my time with Hyakumonogatari has been so great!! My teammates always had patience with me even though I kind of lack talent for any kind of dance and also had very little time to practice….Thank you all ^_^
With the team hosting quite a few former leaders of famous yosakoi-groups the level was high and I was always amazed by what the others could do. My idea of what Yosakoi can be totally changed thanks to Hyakumonogatari!

Although I will be leaving Tokyo soon, I hope that we can all keep in touch with our japanese teammates in the future, too! One day Zyka will dance in Japan but for now, let’s concentrate on our two performances in September! Ganbarimashou~ (^O^)/

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