[Blog] 2th of August 2014


We have now been in Japan for two full days. The schedule has been full since our arrival on the 31th of July so in the evening we are all rather tired. But it has so far been fun days with lots of things to see and do. Yesterday, on the 1th, we did some sightseeing, like visiting Kurashiki, an old village near by here. And we went to karaoke!


Today it was time for one of the main events of this trips, the Uraja festival! We spent most of the day watching different teams taking part in the parade. In the evening we saw fireworks at the river here in Okayama. It was very crowded but the fireworks were beautiful and there were lots of tasty festival food to try.


And tomorrow it is time for yet anther big event in this trip, we are participating in on of the parade. Not as Zyka but in an open group that performs the official Uraja dance. Only 80 people can take part though so we need to get up bright and early to be there in time! And now, time to sleep. Good night everyone.


P.S. Pictures will come as soon as we have the time to upload them! We promise.

– Oushou and Iruka?


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