[Blog] 9th of August


The other team which we are dancing together with travelled with bus from Tokyo during the night. We were worried that the typhoon would stop them, but they arrived to Kochi at lunch on Saturday the 9th of August.
We left the university for a hotel in Kochi, Trump, the other team fetched us with their bus and we had a nice lunch at the food market.


Lunch at Hirome-ichiba

After checking in we had dinner all together, a real Japanese dinner. The team Trump has members of all ages, around 30 persons, really nice to meet them finally. The collaboration started in winter and there has been a lot of conversation on internet, but it is always nicer to meet people in person.

Then the first practice together! It’s fascinating that it is possible being two teams on different sides of the planet making a dance together, and then meet and realise that works!

Now we only hope for the festival. We have heard that they will decide tomorrow morning if it will be cancelled or not. The highway is closed and the train isn’t running. The typhoon is now expected sometime in the night. We will see in the morning!



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