A big, big thank you!


There are many people whom we want to thank for making the Japan project possible and for helping out in different sorts of ways. In no order of relevance:

  • Folk Bernadottes Minnesfond for giving us a grant that made it possible for us to go. Without that it would have been much much harder to do this. Thank you.
  • Mr. Nishimori who sent a bus to pick us up when we got stuck in Okayama, gather money to help us, gave us fruits and drinks, called to make sure things were going alright, took us out both for dinner and lunch as well as gave us the chance to meet the Governor. We are very thankful for the continued support you showed us. Thank you for all you did for us.
  • Kōchi University and the staff there for giving us a place to stay, a practice room and somewhere to do the decorations for the truck. Thank you.
  • Sesshu and his father Mr. Iba for inviting us to do this and for being the spiders in the net that held it all together. Thank you for all that and for dancing together with us.
  • Professor Kikuchi for supporting us in many different ways. Thank you for coming to see us perform and thank you for going as far as searching for us on the station to be able to send us of when we left Kōchi.
  • The students in the International Tea group at Kōchi University who helped with the decorations for the truck, danced with us and worked as staff during the festival days. Without you the truck would never have been done in time, thank you.
  • Mr. Mitsuo who both came to visit us in Sweden and came to see us in Kōchi. Thank you for all you support.
  • Mr. Masukawa who was in-charge of the truck and also meet up with some of our members in Tokyo after the festival. Thank you for doing this with us.
  • Manger-san who came with us as staff and carried our things, took care of us, supported us, gave us water, as well as many other things. Having you with us was a great help, thank you.
  • Satsui who came with us to document the project with photos. Thank you for keeping up with the craziness Zyka can be and for sharing this experience with us. We all look forward to see the photos and are very grateful you came with us.
  • Professor Morimoto, Ambassador of Japan in Sweden, for taking interest in our project and supporting us. Thank you.
  • Celia, vice store manager at the Honiya store, Kunpei Izumi, dancer and designer in Honiya, and Mayumi Izumi, store manager at the Honiya Store, for taking the time to talk to us and for all the gifts. We were very happy to meet you and to see Honiya perform, thank you.
  • Order Yosakoi-ya for the original bag we received with the flags we ordered. Both the flags and the bag were beautiful, thank you.
  • All the dancers that participated with us, without you it wouldn’t have been the same. Thank you for dancing Hatsuyuki with us and for making this an unforgettable memory.
  • Mr. Ozaki, governor of Kouchi prefecture, for taking interest in us and taking the time to meet us. We were very honoured, thank you.
  • Mr. Fukuda, leader of Trump, for doing this project together with us. We are very happy we could do it together with you and your dancers, thank you.
  • Everyone back home, and in other places, who cheered us on, took interest in us and supported us. Thank you.
  • The open team Uraja tamashii for letting us participate with them in the Uraja festival in Okayama. We had great fun, thank you.
  • Shou and Maru, who were in-charge of the big flag, for participating with us. The big flag was really cool, thank you for giving Hatsuyuki an extra level.
  • The audience in both Okayama and Kōchi who cheered for us and made us feel welcome. Thanks for making this so special for us.
  • Everyone else who have supported us in small and big ways. Thank you.

If someone is not mentioned be sure it is not because we aren’t grateful. There are simply so many people who have helped us with this project it would be impossible to mention them all by name. We are very thankful for all the help and support we have received. Thank you.

And lastly, as the leader of Zyka Yosakoi I would like to say a big thank you to all of our members for participating in this. Peanuts, Komachi, Iruka? WHOlock, Park, Amigu and Guntai. Thank you for doing this with me. Thank you for all the hours you’ve spent practising in the cold and late at night, thank you for helping out with all the other preparations for it, for going even though much spoke against it like lack of money, finals at University, other trips and lack of time. Thank you for without complaining working to make this the best trip possible, for enduring the confusion and unexpected changes in the schedule, for doing your best to interact and get to know the Japanese dancers and staff even though most of you didn’t speak the same language. Thanks to all of you and your efforts the days in Japan went much smoother than I could ever have imagined. I am so proud of us for doing this, so proud of you for doing this, for making it this far, and I hope you, just like me, will treasure the memories we have created together. We are the best! Love you all.


– Oushou



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