[Blog] 24th of November


Hi again!

With Christmas coming up we are working hard for our very own Christmas show, Saishuuren! On it we will preform several new dances, both yosakoi and others. It is fun to learn so many new dances, but hectic as we barely have time for it all. The new dances are also not always our usual style but various other styles. It will hopefully broaden our horizons. Personally I’m teaching Zyka a souodouri from Koochi called Minade yosakoi, which in Japanese means something like “Everyone dances yosakoi together”. This is the first time I’m in charge of teaching a dance and it has been quite challenging, in a good way. Everyone is as usual very eager for our next project!

We are also looking for performances for next year, searching for interesting events and situations where we might have a chance.

In the midst of this we have our concept to work on! Never before have I been involved in a project of creating something like this. It’s very creative and I love the team work. For example, I would not be able to create music on my own but as a group we can do it! Very exciting, I’m really expectant for how it’s going to come out.

– WHOロック?


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