Performance at NärCon Vinter 2016


On the 13th of February we had the honour of participating in the preshow to Cosplay SM at NärCon Vinter 2016!

Though it was quite a long day we had great fun both performing and participating in the convent. And seeing all the other great performances of course, both by the contestants of Cosplay SM and others. If anyone managed to miss it, you can watch it on SVTplay until the 14th of March. You can even hear us in the background from around 7 minutes and 15 minutes, and see a glimpse of our performance around 11 minutes. Maybe the first time ever for yosakoi on Swedish television.

Zyka Yosakoi on SVT play

Zyka Yosakoi on SVT play

It really was lots of fun to perform at NärCon and we hope we will get the chance to do it again. If you want to watch our performance you can do so below.

More from the performance can be found here, and photos here.

Many thanks for NärCon for letting us participate in their show.



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