Danskarusellen is a national dance-tour arranged by Studiefrämjandet. Over a hundred teams from all over the country participates and the audience at the performances in each region votes for the teams they think should go to the regional final. The winner in each region will then proceed to the national final.

First stop of Danskarusellen:

Date: 5th of March

Place: Arena Satelliten, Sollentuna


Second stop:

Date: 19th of March

Place: Blå Huset, Tensta


Third stop:

Date: 2nd of April

Place: Skarpnäcks kulturhus, Skarpnäck


16 groups participate in Danskarusellen 2016.

Participating teams:

Blackout – Jazz


Circle Tribe – Tribal fusion

Deva – Dancehall

Ea – Tribal fusion

Evolve – Mixed styles

Factory Dance Crew – Dancehall

Fowkus – Popping

KAP 1 Bromma – Ballet

KAP Botkyrka – Mixed styles

Karolina & Marina

Rule99 – Breakdance

Stockholms Östasiatiska Kulturförening – K-pop

T2C – K-pop

UNIQUE – K-pop

Zyka Yosakoi – Yosakoi

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