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Bankuramou at the second stop of Danskarusellen!


On the 19th of March Zyka Yosakoi performed at the second stop of Danskarusellen, this time at Blå Huset in Tensta. We had lots of fun, both dancing and watching the other groups’ performances. So many great performances!

We also managed to for the first time get a video of Bankuramou, our very own original dance!

So for the first time, here you go. Enjoy!


Second stop of Danskarusellen 2016!


Today at 14:00 Zyka Yosakoi performs at the second stop of Danskarusellen 2016! The stop will be at Blå Huset in Tensta and lots of great groups will participate!

Photo by: Malin Welander, Danskarusellen

Please look forward to our performance!

Performance at the first stop of Danskarusellen!


On the 5th of March we participated in the first stop of Danskarusellen!

It was the first time since the Yosakoi festival in October we performed Bankuramou so we were a bit nervous but the performance went really well and we all had a blast. The event was great fun and we enjoyed all the other amazing dancers that also participates in Danskarusellen.

Hopefully we will be able to post a video of the performance soon. For now, only a photo though.

WHOlock, Park and Iruka? at Danskarusellen in Sollentuna. 2016

Next stop of Danskarusellen is at Blå Huset in Tensta on the 19th of March, which is next Saturday. If you have the time, please come watch us then!

The closing of Hatsuyuki! And a new member!


For almost two years we have danced Hatsuyuki. It has been a bit over one and a half year since the very first performance at NärCon Vinter 2014. It has taken us to Japan, taken us through Danskarusellen and have been performed at the very first YEN meet-up.

Hatsuyuki was the first performance we created from scratch and it has taught us a lot as well as given us many amazing opportunities. We have laughed over it, fought over it, cried. For almost all our members Hatsuyuki was the first experience of a team yosakoi performance.

But all good things must sometime come to an end for new things to start. This past Saturday, on the 29th of August, we did our last performance of Hatsuyuki. First performed at NärCon it felt fitting that the last performance was at a convention as well, this time PeppCon in Uppsala. For the first time in Sweden we performed with live MC, and also had one of our flags with us. It was a great performance. It wasn’t perfect but the energy was there and the audience seemed to like it. And most important, we all had fun and felt satisfied afterwards.

And thus, Hatsuyuki is closed. We will now look forward and focus on Bankuramou, Streanght of ten thousand dreams. The first performance will be in October, please look forward to it!

We are also happy to announce that we’ve got a new member! We now have as many as four sibling-groups as Shishous younger brother Hicchi has joined us. Yosakoi is the best when performed in a bigger group, the more the merrier really applies. So we are more than happy to say, welcome to the gang, Hicchi!

Hicchi, Park and Iruka?

If anyone is interested in joining Zyka don’t hesitate to let us know! If your unsure, come visit our practice to see what it’s like. We are always looking for new members!