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[Blog] 24th of May


Hi everyone!

The music and choreography for our new dance Bankuramou is now finished! \(^^)/ We have been working hard since November and are very pleased with the results. It’s exciting to have accomplished it, the creation of an entirely new dance with music and choreography that didn’t exist before. But before we start training Bankuramou we still have to have our grand finale Hatsuyuki performance! In yosakoi teams which do their own performances it is custom to close one dance before starting the new one. After closing the old dance it will never be performed again. We want our last Hatsuyuki performance to be the best ever so now we are working on the details, synchronisation and style of the performance.

We also have gotten a new member: Shishou! New members are always exciting, more team mates and more people who wants to dance yosakoi! One of our earlier members, Niisan have also come back and is dancing with us again. It’s nice to be so many people on the trainings! ^^

As per usual in May everyone is busy with school and work before summer comes. But soon we will start training outside again, so lets hope for warmer weather!

– WHOロック?

And finally the time is here!


And thus we present to you, the concept of our new dance;



万梦猛 - Bankuramou

Tiotusen drömmars styrka –

– Strength of ten thousand dreams –


The dance in itself will be presented during autumn 2015.

We will keep you updated so please look forward to it!




[Blog] 24th of November


Hi again!

With Christmas coming up we are working hard for our very own Christmas show, Saishuuren! On it we will preform several new dances, both yosakoi and others. It is fun to learn so many new dances, but hectic as we barely have time for it all. The new dances are also not always our usual style but various other styles. It will hopefully broaden our horizons. Personally I’m teaching Zyka a souodouri from Koochi called Minade yosakoi, which in Japanese means something like “Everyone dances yosakoi together”. This is the first time I’m in charge of teaching a dance and it has been quite challenging, in a good way. Everyone is as usual very eager for our next project!

We are also looking for performances for next year, searching for interesting events and situations where we might have a chance.

In the midst of this we have our concept to work on! Never before have I been involved in a project of creating something like this. It’s very creative and I love the team work. For example, I would not be able to create music on my own but as a group we can do it! Very exciting, I’m really expectant for how it’s going to come out.

– WHOロック?


[Blog] 22th of October


We’ve started working on a new concept! It will stay a secret for yet some time, at the moment we are thinking of presenting it sometime next spring, and first performance sometime during the summer following that. So please look forward to that!

The concept is written by one of our members. We actually had four concepts to choose from so the creator of each concept got to present it to the rest of the group and then everyone voted. We are very happy with the one we chose, even if it was sad to have to not choose the other ones. The members were also asked to choose which creator groups they wanted to belong to, choosing between Concept, Costume, Music and Choreography. While there might be changes in the groups later on here is how they look at the moment, the leader of the group marked with a star:

Concept – *WHOlock, Oushou

Music – *Amo, Park, WHOlock

Costume – *Iruka?, Peanuts, Oushou

Choreography – *Oushou, Iruka?, Amo

There is much that needs to be done but I believe all of us are looking forward to it!

On another note we have started a European Yosakoi Network together with Raiden Yosakoi, a team from the Neatherlands. So far the Polish team Sakuramai Poland has joined but we are doing our best to contact and invite the rest of the European teams as well. Together we have a better chance of spreading Yosakoi in Europe and maybe we can even do some sort of Yosakoi festival or collaboration together at some point!

– 王将