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Bankuramou at the second stop of Danskarusellen!


On the 19th of March Zyka Yosakoi performed at the second stop of Danskarusellen, this time at Blå Huset in Tensta. We had lots of fun, both dancing and watching the other groups’ performances. So many great performances!

We also managed to for the first time get a video of Bankuramou, our very own original dance!

So for the first time, here you go. Enjoy!


Performance at NärCon Vinter 2016


On the 13th of February we had the honour of participating in the preshow to Cosplay SM at NärCon Vinter 2016!

Though it was quite a long day we had great fun both performing and participating in the convent. And seeing all the other great performances of course, both by the contestants of Cosplay SM and others. If anyone managed to miss it, you can watch it on SVTplay until the 14th of March. You can even hear us in the background from around 7 minutes and 15 minutes, and see a glimpse of our performance around 11 minutes. Maybe the first time ever for yosakoi on Swedish television.

Zyka Yosakoi on SVT play

Zyka Yosakoi on SVT play

It really was lots of fun to perform at NärCon and we hope we will get the chance to do it again. If you want to watch our performance you can do so below.

More from the performance can be found here, and photos here.

Many thanks for NärCon for letting us participate in their show.



The closing of Hatsuyuki! And a new member!


For almost two years we have danced Hatsuyuki. It has been a bit over one and a half year since the very first performance at NärCon Vinter 2014. It has taken us to Japan, taken us through Danskarusellen and have been performed at the very first YEN meet-up.

Hatsuyuki was the first performance we created from scratch and it has taught us a lot as well as given us many amazing opportunities. We have laughed over it, fought over it, cried. For almost all our members Hatsuyuki was the first experience of a team yosakoi performance.

But all good things must sometime come to an end for new things to start. This past Saturday, on the 29th of August, we did our last performance of Hatsuyuki. First performed at NärCon it felt fitting that the last performance was at a convention as well, this time PeppCon in Uppsala. For the first time in Sweden we performed with live MC, and also had one of our flags with us. It was a great performance. It wasn’t perfect but the energy was there and the audience seemed to like it. And most important, we all had fun and felt satisfied afterwards.

And thus, Hatsuyuki is closed. We will now look forward and focus on Bankuramou, Streanght of ten thousand dreams. The first performance will be in October, please look forward to it!

We are also happy to announce that we’ve got a new member! We now have as many as four sibling-groups as Shishous younger brother Hicchi has joined us. Yosakoi is the best when performed in a bigger group, the more the merrier really applies. So we are more than happy to say, welcome to the gang, Hicchi!

Hicchi, Park and Iruka?

If anyone is interested in joining Zyka don’t hesitate to let us know! If your unsure, come visit our practice to see what it’s like. We are always looking for new members!

[Blog] 29th of March – Danskarusellen at Nova in Vallentuna


Two days ago, on Friday the 27th of March, we performed at our third Danskarusellen event, this time at Nova in Vallentuna. It took a while to get there, especially for those of our members who live south of Stockholm, but it was all worth it. There was a real stage for us to perform on, and for once it wasn’t all that small. We did end up hitting each other a bit but we have had worse so it really wasn’t much of a problem. Yosakoi need more space than many other dances I think, especially since it’s not very easy to change the places according to the shape and size of the stage. That’s a good thing with still being quite a small team I guess, when we grow bigger (which we hope to do soon, come join us everyone it’s great fun!) we will have even more trouble fitting on small stages.

Anyway, besides us there were many other teams participating in the event. It was fun watching the others’ performances while waiting for our turn, everyone was so good! In Danskarusellen you belong to a group of teams who mostly participate in the same events. This makes it possible for us to see how the different performances in our group get better and better with each performance. It’s also different to see how some teams have completely new choreography while others, like us, only make smaller changes between the events.

Here is our performance from the event. The first part is Hatsuyuki and after that comes a sou-odori medley.


Unless we go to the region final, which we yet don’t know if we will, this was our last performance with Danskarusellen. It has been great fun participating and I think it the criticism we have received after each performance has helped us develop as a team. No matter if we go to the final or not we have given our best and had a great time, and for us that is the most important part.

Next up in our schedule is Körsbärsblommansdag in Kungsträdgården in Stockholm. We are planing on doing two new sou-odoris there so look forward to that! We are also continuing to work with our next self-made dance. It’s looking great at the moment and all of us are really excited about it! The theme is set to be presented in May and the dance in the end of summer or beginning of autumn. While it will be sad to put Hatsuyuki behind us it’s going to be fun to have a new dance to show. I can barely wait!


– 王将


Performances in Kouchi! The (almost) complete collection


This is a collection of videos of our performances in Kouchi this summer. It is not every performance we did but there is at least one video from most of of them. They are recorded by various people, both within Zyka and people in the audience. As we most of the time danced three to six times during one parade performance we have included multiple videos from the same stage.

If you want to see photos from the trip you can find them here and here.

First Day

Mama Contest Stage – 万々競演場 Zyka Yosakoi’s recordings
First time

Second time

Third time

Saenba Contest Stage – 菜園場競演場
Recording by kiku0456

Outesuji Main Contest Stage South Side – 追手筋本部競演場 南側
Recording by ザ・よさこい祭り


Second Day

Masugatachiiki Contest Stage – 升形商店街競演場
Zyka Yosakoi’s recording

Recording by よさこいブロードキャスター Supi

Recording by まちこ町子

Recording by kojikojihacojicoji

Obiyamachi Performance Stage – 帯屋筋演舞場
Recording by uun095221

Central Park Contest Stage – 中央公園競演場
Zyka Yosakoi’s recording

Recording by kazehikitanuki

Central Kouchi Castle Stage – 高地城演舞場
Zyka Yosakoi’s recording