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[Blog] 18th of June


2016-06-18 13.39.17Today Oushou and Peanuts met with Ikeda-san and Sugimoto-san from Kouchi prefectures tourism department. They came all the way from Japan to meet with us and take about a future project Zyka is participating in.

Kouchi is working hard to spread yosakoi across the world and as all of us in Zyka love yosakoi this is of course something we want to support and participate in!

White it is still too early to reveal all that much about the project Zyka is very happy to get a chance to participate and we work hard to spread yosakoi in Sweden and the rest of Europe.

More news about the project we are participating will come, so keep and eye out for that!

Thank you Ikeda-san and Sugimoto-san for coming all the way to see us. We look forward to meeting you again.

You can follow their work on their facebook page.

– 王将



Second stop of Danskarusellen 2016!


Today at 14:00 Zyka Yosakoi performs at the second stop of Danskarusellen 2016! The stop will be at Blå Huset in Tensta and lots of great groups will participate!

Photo by: Malin Welander, Danskarusellen

Please look forward to our performance!

Performance at Etnografiska Museet!


On the 5th of December we did our last performance of the year, this year held at Etnografiska Museet in Stockholm. The performance was done together with Andrew Hickman and Hino Tora Taiko.

All of us had lots of fun and the performance went well. It felt good to end the year with a performance we were so happy with and with such a good audience. We hope that we will get the chance to perform at Etnografiska Museet again soon!

Group shot before the performance

You can find more photos from the performance over at our photo page!

Group shot with Hino Tora Taiko and Andrew Hickman

We now also announce that we once again will participate in Danskarusellen! We are hoping for as much fun as we had last year and looking forward both to seeing all other great dancers and getting to show Bankuramou on a stage. You can find more information about our participation in Danskarusellen here.

Performance at Etnografiska museet on the 5th of December!


On the 5h of December 14.30 we will perform together with Andrew Hickman and Hino Tora Taiko at their taiko-consert called “Musikmöte – Rytmer från urtid i nutid”.

It’s the first time for us performing together with taiko drummers and we find it very exciting. Taiko drums is really an impressive instrument, we got a sneak peek of their performance when we practised together a few weeks ago and can’t wait to hear the rest.

This will also be our final performance for this year. Which means it is the last chance to see us before 2016! Don’t miss it.

You can see us perform at:

Etnografiska museet, 5th of December at 14.30.
Together with Andrew Hickman and Hino Tora Taiko.
More information can be found on the museum’s homepage.

See you there!

[Blog] 11th of August


The end of summer gets nearer just as the real summer weather arrive. And it’s time for Zyka to start again.

While the summer holiday has been nice and most likely necessary for all of us it is fun to start again. And most exciting of all it is finally, finally….


Time to start to learn Bankuramou!


After more than half a year of intense work the time is finally here for the members to learn the choreography. It’s been some time since we learnt something new so it’s fun to get a challenge like this. But also it is something that almost all for us have worked with at least one part of for a long time. To see it all coming together is a very special feeling. I can hardly wait until the costumes are done and the last pieces fall into place! Look forward to our premier on the 18th of October everyone!

But summer also means travel time to many and thus not all of our members are back home yet. For the first training of this season Peanuts and Shishou showed up. And they worked hard! Good work both of you!


Shishou and Peanuts

– 王将



[Blog] 17th of March


Today Zyka had a special practise! We did a Juliana. Juliana is when you dance lots of sou-oudori after each other. It’s a good way of remembering all the dances you have learnt but don’t dance so often. It is also good fitness training because dancing so much is hard work. But mostly it’s a lot of fun! Learning new things is fun, but energetically dancing the dances you know is also fun. In a Juliana you get to do both! It is a good way of learning new sou-oudori that some in the team knows but not everyone.

Having a Juliana now was good timing because from next practise we will be busy practising for our last performance in Danskarusellen the 27th of March. Danskarusellen have been both fun and challenging. We have also for the first time received criticism from a jury about our dancing. Getting a knowledgeable outsiders point of view and opinions gives us the chance to develop and dance even better.



Performance at Luna Kulturhus in Södertälje


Today we performed at Luna Kulturhus in Södertälje! We were invited as a part of the libraries program for the Swedish autumn holiday that takes place this week. Quite a few people came to see us dance and even though it was a bit unusual to dance inside of a library the performance went well and we had a great time.

Group shot 30th of October

From the left: Park, Iruka?, WHOlock, Oushou and Amo

Below you can see a video from one of the dances we did, Hatsuyuki. Seeing as we were only five dancers we did a slightly different version than usual consisting of four dancers and one doing the flag.

Many thanks to Södertälje Library for a fun performance.

Performance in Kista


One the 6th of September we performed at a party in Kista in Stockholm. It was a lovely event and the audience was great. There were lots of small children there who after the performance danced with us and tried on our costumes. So cute! Dancing with children is lots of fun, maybe we should start a kids group… (^_^)


Amo-chan and Peanuts

Bon-odori in Kungsträdgården!


On the 27th of August we performed in Kungsträdgården in Stockholm as a part of Japanska Föreningens Bon-odori event. As always when invited by Japanska föreningen it was a lovely event and we had lots of fun, both dancing bon-odori and performing. Some of the children there believed us to be a rock band, hopefully they weren’t too disappointed when it was our turn to performed and we danced instead of doing rock music^^


WHOlock and Park


Iruka? and WHOlock, Zyka Yosakoi’s vice-president’s.


When Zyka is together there is always lots of laughter!


And of course, a group shot