[News] Yosakoi ambassadors


As you probably know by know Zyka Yosakoi’s Oushou and WHOlock has been appointed yosakoi ambassadors by the Kouchi Prefecture in Japan. The formal cermony took place on the 12th of August, last day of the Kouchi yosakoi festival. WHOlock has written a few blog posts about their trip to Kouchi, you can find them here, here and here.

While the position of yosakoi ambassdor is personal the whole team is shares the honour and duties of it. As for the duties they are yet to be clearly defined. But for now we are tasked with spreading yosakoi in and outside of Sweden and giving people a chance to experience it.

Zyka Yosakoi has, for now, chosen to do this through the following four ways:

1. Educating about yosakoi and spreading knowledge about it through social media such as twitter, facebook and instagram.
2. Continue to work with YEN to find and connect more yosakoi dancers from all over Europe.
3. Support the international team Yosakoi Europe United Team Rikuryoku Kyoushin that aims to go to Kouchi yosakoi festival next year and there by give many new people a chance to experience both yosakoi and the Kouchi festival.
4. Support the International Yosakoi Festival to be held in Sweden in 2018 under the organisation of Zyka’s Oushou and Raiden’s Anne.

Through these four ways Zyka hope to even further spread the knowledge of yosakoi and give more people an opportunity to experience the joy we all find in it.

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