[Blog] 8th of August


Practice in the morning as usual on the 8th of August. The plan for this day was to have a bit of sightseeing. Depending of the heavy raining people meant it was dangerous to go to some of the places we had hoped to, the famous bridge from the yosakoi movie for example. But we had lunch together with people from the university, teachers, students and also two Swedish students from Gothenburg. We got a lunch box, a kind of bento, with a lot of different Japanese food which we all liked.


Heavy rain at the yosakoi shrine

And then we went sightseeing in Kochi. Four students guided us. We took the tram to the city centre and visited Kochi castle and we also visited the shrine of the God of yosakoi to ask for the festival to happen and the rain to stop. It was raining heavily so strolling around in the “shoutengai”, a shopping street with roof, were appreciated. The highlight of this street was the visit at the Honiya shop. Honiya is one of the best teams in Japan and are based in Kochi. They are also the team dancing in the movie we had watched, “Kimi ga oduro natsu” (You Dance With the Summer). In the shop we could watch a lot of the costumes from the movie and a lot of photos. You could also buy a lot of things connected with yosakoi. We spent a lot of time here.


Oushou at the yosakoi shrine

Finishing the day at the food market was nice. You could buy different food in the stand around. Some of us tried the fish speciality from Kochi, a kind of tuna which are a little grilled and cut in slices. It was served on a bowl with rice. A dish we could have again!


Hirome-ichiba, the food market in Kochi

The Japanese girls got an SMS that everyone were expected to start going home because of the typhoon. It was expected to arrive in the night. They described it as if it came you wouldn’t be able to go outside. We went home, had a nice evening with games and Japanese bath. We all hoped the typhoon to come quickly so it would pass quickly. But when we woke up next morning it hadn’t arrived yet.



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